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every day is like sunday;

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I feel like a normal person. I've got my ups and downs. I think I'm a little bit overweight and generally hate my design work, and then I have my cocky mood spells too. I love the drama, sometimes a bit too much, because I like to laugh at it. I have a low opinion of the people in my department that think you're only a good designer if you eat, sleep and breathe design... actually, what it basically comes down to is: I hate pretention. It was in high school, and it's in college. Fuck, it's going to be everywhere for the rest of my life. I want to grow up to be a professional letterpress hippie, and believe me I will. Glenda said I could, and since I have HER permission... (sigh). I'm overprotective of my friends and will flatten anyone who fucks with them (see washable for reference). I'm going to meet Bill Clinton, and my dad says I should have an affair with him if he asks -- and my mom volunteered to pay for dry cleaning if I do. Yeah. So. Me.

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